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The Modern Day Living · Australia’s Skin Care Queen

Tell us, when did your journey into the beauty world begin?

My first proper foray into the beauty world was when I was 11. My mum took me to a fancy spa for a facial and I loved it! Ever since then I always knew I would work in beauty. It was fascinating to me. I studied skin therapy out of school, earned my international qualifications and subsequently studied post-graduate courses in clinical skin therapies. To this day it is the only job I have ever had.

What is the biggest thing people get wrong when it comes to skin care?

  • Thinking that SPF in their make-up provides adequate sun protection – it doesn’t.
  • Overcomplicating their skin care regime with too many products. They end up falling off the wagon and not using any of it.
  • Applying too many active ingredients causing hyper-sensitivity, and breakouts.

It’s hard to imagine you ever having bad skin – do you have any problem skin experiences in your past?

While I tend to shy away from this topic, I suffered third degree burns as a baby and was under treatment and grafting for a number of years to address this. I think this definitely sparked an interest in skin, I just didn’t realise until later.

What is your most popular treatment right now?

I have always maintained a customised approach to skincare that is tailored to the unique complexion of each and every one of my clients. My practice is truly collaborative and as such, it is of the utmost importance that I understand the skin concerns of each and every client at the beginning of their time with us. I always request my clients share their primary issues or objectives so I can gain a better understanding of what they are hoping to achieve, along with their concerns. This goes a long way when setting skin goals and achieving them together

A tailored regime and treatment plan is always collated, and subsequently executed, following a careful skin assessment and client evaluation, considering many different aspects including pregnancy, breastfeeding, medications, medical history and current conditions and overall health and lifestyle.

In saying all of that, we do a lot of laser facials, electric current facials, skin needling, light therapy, radio frequency, ultrasound  and so many organic treatments. People are really paying attention to not only what they’re putting in their body, but also what they’re putting on their body.

A lot of our readers find it difficult to make time for their skin. What is a simple routine that anyone can follow and see results?

Skincare should never be overwhelming, too time consuming or outside of one’s budget. I always favour really great multipurpose products like micellar water, an SPF moisturiser or an exfoliating cleanser.

As a guide I recommend cleansing morning and evening, an antioxidant serum during the day, moisturiser, a treatment serum such as a retinol at night-time with a restorative night cream. Ideally an exfoliant and masque used once or twice a week also.

If our readers do only one thing for their skin, what should it be?

Wear a broad spectrum UVA/UVB high-factor sunscreen. Every. Single. Day.

Do you believe in any at-home skin remedies?

Yes of course! I’m a huge fan of a DIY facial. Even using items from the pantry such as yoghurt and honey. Bathing is one of my favourite things to do, I love to infuse the water with essential oils, magnesium, bicarb soda and milk.

How did your partnership with Chanel come about?

I had always loved the brand and our working relationship grew very organically. Each of us spending the time to properly understand the other. I have great respect for the brand for both the legacy and the innovation. As an on-going piece of work, my collaboration with Chanel is very rewarding.

What made you decide to open the L.A studio?

I love L.A. It’s always been a dream place for me to work as I love spending time in Los Angeles.

From a business perspective, Los Angeles was a natural progression – lots of my clients live there and there is a great Australian ethos of health, wellness and natural beauty.

Can you recommend your favourite sunscreen/SPF products?

Yes! My SPF collection coming soon.

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