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The Sydney Morning Herald· An expert guide to perfecting DIY facials

I want to perfect my DIY facial, so I ask skin aficionado Melanie Grant to share her go-to home routine.

The lowdown
First, double cleanse with a balm to break down make-up and grime and follow it with an AHA cleanser to deep-clean pores. Next, exfoliate with a scrub, enzyme mask or gentle peeling solution to buff away dead cells and boost the complexion. Massage with a face oil, starting with your neck and working upwards and outwards to release tension and reduce puffiness, using enough product to prevent tugging at the skin (you can also use a gua sha tool).

Next, apply a clay mask to any congested areas and a hydrating mask over the rest of your face, neck and décolletage. Then use a concentrated serum to treat redness, dehydration, congestion and uneven skin tone. Vitamin C serums are great for brightening, hyaluronic acid formulas hydrate, and niacinamide tackles redness and pigmentation. For the finishing touch, apply a favourite moisturiser or oil to seal everything in.

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