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The Zoe Report · These Are The Australian Wellness Trends To Note For 2022 & Beyond

Australian brands often enjoy cult appeal Stateside, particularly in the domains of fashion and beauty. And, with the global wellness industry expected to reach $7 trillion by 2025, American curiosity towards self-care practices there is piquing as well.

As opposed to the United States, Australian celebrity facialist Melanie Grant describes the Aussie wellness movement as being less trend-based and commoditized, and more rooted in lifestyle practices. “The Australian attitude to wellness is very much ingrained in our everyday lives,” she says. “Because of our climate, we have a rather active, outdoor lifestyle and are fortunate to have access to incredible nutrition.” While noting that some trends — like infrared saunas for detox, green juices, and the rise of organic skin care — have taken up residence, treating wellness as a “trend” is simply not the Australian way. “Our approach is a simple one … eating well with friends and family, enjoying daily movement, and taking pleasure in being outdoors is [often] more than enough.”

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