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TOMBOY Beauty · Biologique Recherche Explained by Melanie Grant

For context: Melanie Grant has treated #TOMBOYBeautyGirl alumni, Nicole Warne, Erin Wasson, Georgia Fowler, and Megan Blake Irwin. In short: she’s very good!

To preface, Biologique Recherche is a 40-year-old, French beauty brand with a clinical approach. The aforementioned Lotion P50 is the brand’s hero proudct with a cult following.:

There will always be an air of mystery around this brand for me: the vintage, medicinally reminiscent packaging and names of products that I can’t quite comprehend, the fact that their best seller has people falling over themselves, or that another of their cult products is named Serum Placenta, for realz.

For “research purposes” I experienced a Biologique-focussed facial at heaven’s gates themselves (Melanie Grant Skin Health, Double Bay Clinic), and let’s just say I can now understood the hype. But as a curious beauty writer, It’s my job to want to know much, much more.

ENTER: Melanie Grant.

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