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Vida Glow· Expert touch: Melanie Grant’s guide to skin health, inside and out

If skin health isn’t a beauty philosophy you’re familiar with, let one of the world’s most renowned skin experts, Melanie Grant, explain.

Grant’s practice cares for skin with next-gen formulas, tailored treatments and a holistic approach to skin health. The result is a bright and even complexion with a streamlined treatment regimen that repairs and optimises – rather than compromises – skin. And with a devoted celebrity clientele across Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles and Paris, Grant has turned radiant skin into an art form.

Here, Melanie Grant guides us through her bidirectional routine to achieve her signature glow and protect skin health long-term.

Change the way you think about skincare

Melanie Grant is known for her curation of prestige, cosmeceutical skincare and bespoke facials. But her work goes far deeper. “I’m a firm believer in approaching skin health from a holistic standpoint,” shares Grant. “A comprehensive inner and outer approach will always yield the best results.”

While Grant says topicals are necessary, she advocates for a bidirectional approach to skin care where topical products and ingestibles work in tandem. “Ingestible beauty options like collagen, vitamin C and zinc, and a well-rounded diet are essential. Ensure you’re getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and ‘eating the rainbow’.”

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