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VOGUE · Road Test

They say you should come into the new year the way you want to spend the rest of it. For me, this meant lots of champagne and a dance with a (very small, Covid-safe) group of friends. It also meant freshly-facialled skin.

Getting a facial on December 31 might not be every person’s idea of a great New Year’s Eve, but for me, it epitomises a twist on the traditional resolution. Not one to make promises I can’t keep, I instead like to set up one or two routines that can be easily achieved. Testing out a cult skincare treatment in the name of research felt a lot like something I could get my head around—and when that treatment is recommended (and administered) by skin guru Melanie Grant, I’m willing to put whatever is required on my face to mimic her famous glow. Hence, the 11th hour facial.

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