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Vogue Australia· Look on the bright side: a guide to treating melasma and hyperpigmentation

Skincare expert and celebrity go-to facialist Melanie Grant (who just launched the ultimate bible on all things skincare) says treatments for melasma have evolved enormously in recent years.

“Back in the day, many clients were led to believe that prescription Vitamin A, topical bleaching agents or hydroquinone were the only options for treating melasma or that there was no way of treating it at all. Even worse, photo-thermal lasers were often used causing the condition to worsen. Melasma can be further triggered by heat, even being outside on an extra hot day,” she says.

“Unlike other forms of pigment such as sun damage or post-inflammatory pigment, melasma is exacerbated by heat, making treatments such as IPL or erbium lasers a no-go-zone. My two preferred approaches are either Picoway, a photo-acoustic laser or Depigmentation Peels like Cosmelan, which both break apart pigment without heat. Melasma can be notoriously difficult to treat, so taking a completely personalised approach to treatment and maintenance plans for each client is key.”

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