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Vogue Australia · Chill Factor

With more than two decades of skincare know-how distilled in her debut book, Australian facialist Melanie Grant’s expertise is as in-demand as ever. Here, she shares her winter skin wisdom.

VOGUE AUSTRALIA: The colder weather brings with it a raft of skin concerns. How can we curb them before they set in?

MELANIE GRANT: “Often, as the temperatures dip and we start turning the heat up, the first thing we’ll notice is dehydration. It’s easy to nip this in the bud by including a hydrating serum in your routine or swapping out your gel cleanser for a more nourishing cleansing balm. Pre-emptively switching to a richer more nourishing moisturiser in late autumn is also another way to prevent the dryness and redness. I love formulas with marula oil, ceramides and a good dose of B vitamins to promote healthy barrier function and curb inflammation during winter.”

VA: What products or actives should we swap-in come winter?

MG: “Instead of adding, a handful of strategic swaps will keep your regimen relevant but simple. Antioxidants and SPF remain non-negotiable year-round, so chances are your morning serum and daily sun care can continue to work really well for you throughout the cooler months. In the evenings, look to incorporate serums with retinols and AHAs to boost cell turnover and enliven a dull complexion.

“Exfoliation can be increased during winter to prevent a build-up of dead or dry skin, and winter is a great time to address pigment from the summer past. Look for brighteners, such as licorice extract, vitamin C, vitamin A, kojic acid and niacinamide.”