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Vogue Australia · How to keep your skin bright and beautiful during party season

I.e. It’s all fun and games until you haven’t washed your make-up off at night.

Ah, parties—they’re well and truly back, and thank goodness for that. ’Tis the season to be donning all things bedazzled, novelty and all kinds of fun. It also must be said that while a lit-up-like-a-Christmas-tree/glazed donut complexion is always a party season goal, it’s the absolute prime time for committing skincare crimes. For, really, who among us has not gone to bed after the work Christmas party without washing their makeup off? Between the potent cocktails, your colleague’s famous gingerbread and catch-ups with all the people you never see at any other time during the year, the festive season can be hard on your skin. And while we fully advocate for living your life, there are definitely some ways to mitigate the toll all that fun can have on your complexion.

If you’ve left prepping your skin to very last minute, you’re not alone and also, there’s still time. Melanie Grant, owner of the Melanie Grant salons in Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles (with a Paris residence) says one of her favourite treatments in the party season is LED light therapy.

“I’ve been incorporating LED into my facial treatments for over 10 years now and to this very day, I’m still blown away by the results it’s capable of in terms of brightening, hydrating, building skin density, reducing redness and inflammation and promoting a beautiful, healthy glow—and all with zero down time,” Grant says. “Pair it with a gentle peel and antioxidant serum to smooth and refine the skin before applying your makeup.”

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