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Vogue Australia · Solid foundations: Melanie Grant’s debut book is full of skincare’s sagest wisdom

Knowing how to take care of your skin can be challenging at the best of times. Add a chill to the air and an accompanying gust of wind, and the situation becomes increasingly perilous. Luckily for us, Australia has plenty of beauty experts to guide the way through winter skincare. At the forefront? Skin expert Melanie Grant, who over the years, has accumulated a celebrity following including Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and Lara Worthington.

Now, Grant is looking to spread the skincare gospel. For her latest project, she has distilled more than two decades of her wisdom into a debut book, The Modern Guide To Skin Health, which has a forward by Beckham, no less.

It’s a guide Grant hopes will debunk a range of skincare myths, such as the more-is-more regimen. Readers will also be offered an insight into Grant’s mantra: that consistency is the key to success.

Below we chat with Grant about the rationale behind her new book.

What’s one of the biggest misconceptions with skincare that you wanted to debunk with this book?

We’re so lucky to belong to an industry that champions constant innovation, but often the amount of information presented to us on a daily basis can be overwhelming. One of the biggest misconceptions about skin care that I wanted to address with my book is the rise of “the more the merrier” approach.

Taking care of the skin doesn’t have to be complicated, complex or even expensive. A solid regime starts first and foremost with understanding the unique set of concerns and conditions we’re all presented with. Then we can look at how to target these specifically and strategically with a handful of products or ingredients that work well for us, and that we’ll enjoy using. The skin responds well to simplicity and consistency and you’d be surprised at the results possible just from making a few of the right tweaks here and there.

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