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VOGUE AUSTRALIA · Two of a Kind.

Tapping into the wisdom of her Australian facialist and friend Melanie Grant, Victoria Beckham’s latest skincare formula proves there’s power in pairing up. By Remy Rippon.

In the popular Netflix documentary series Beckham, the soccer star quizzes his wife of 24 years on her day ahead. Clad in a baseball cap, leggings and bright white sneakers, Victoria clips back, “I’m going to work.” He insists mischievously: “No, where are you actually going?” “Facial,” she deadpans, before blowing a kiss and heading out the door. It may have been one of many they’re-just-like-us moments within the four-part series, but what viewers didn’t know is that when you’re formulating a skincare product with your beloved facialist, the London-based Australian skin whisperer Melanie Grant, a treatment is technically research. “Truly, the product development process on this particular product was done during facials,” says Beckham of the newest addition to Victoria Beckham Beauty, the extraordinarily successful beauty line she launched with a make-up focus in 2019 and has since expanded to skincare and fragrance.