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VOGUE Victoria Beckham’s Good Skin Starts with This Double Cleanse.

If you have seen the Beckham documentary series on Netflix, you will remember the now infamous scene in which Victoria announces to David that she is off to work. “I am off to the fashion factory kids!” she says. “Where are you really going?” her husband replies. “… For a facial,” she concedes. As it turns out, that “facial” really was work. Because behind the scenes, while shooting the documentary, Victoria was meeting with longtime friend and celebrity facialist, Melanie Grant, to work on a secret project that has been two years in the making.

Elevating the art of double cleansing, it comprises a Daily Oil Cleanser and Daily Lactic Acid Gel Cleanser, both formulated in Japan and the result of hours of conversations between the two while VB was on Melanie’s treatment bed. “Melanie and I often talked about finding the perfect cleanser,” says Beckham, speaking exclusively to Vogue. “And everything we both tried was never perfect, there was always something we wanted to change, whether the texture, the system or the ingredients. So the product development process on this particular product was truly done during facials! We wanted to find the ultimate cleansing protocol and I believe in collaborating with the best for my brand, and Melanie is that. She is such an expert on skin–so much so that I trust her with mine.”

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