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WISH Magazine · Skin Deep

One company’s approach to caring for the body’s biggest organ goes beyond the bespoke, even venturing into your DNA

French skincare company Biologique Recherche is the kind of brand that talks softly but carries a big stick, to loosely borrow the late Theodore Roosevelt’s philosophy. Softly, because despite never advertising, it commands an almost fanatical legion of clientele. Nicole Kidman has been known to use its products. Lara Worthington swears by them, as does Zoë Kravitz. And even
Brad Pitt allegedly stocked them before he launched his own line. Softly, because the packaging is as nondescript as a luxury skincare brand could dare to be. Plain, even. And big stick because it carries the gravitas of a product line that doesn’t pretend to deliver or promise miracles but instead traceable results, directly measured via the health of your skin courtesy of its elite Biologique Recherche Haute Couture line.

The brand brings to skincare what the art of haute couture brings to the garment industry: a promise
of customisation built entirely around treating and complementing the unique needs of your individual
skin. The real needs, too. Not just what we’ve convinced ourselves we need. “We don’t have one skin, we have several,” explains the company’s in-house skincare expert Dr Dominique Léonard. In Sydney to launch the Biologique Recherche Haute Couture experience at Sydney’s swish Melanie Grant skin clinic in Double Bay, Leonard explains that our skin is much like a fingerprint – unique to each of us, and with needs that are equally unique and complex.

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