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Notes on Adult Acne

Many of us think that acne is something we leave behind in our teenage years. Yet adult acne, defined as acne occurring in adults over the age of 25, is more common than you may think. Though this can be an incredibly stressful and often painful condition to deal with – especially if you managed […]

Notes on Clay Facemasks

Clay’s main superpower is clarity: it thoroughly cleanses pores while lifting impurities to the surface and drying any existing blemishes. If dull, congested, oily skin is normal for you, I recommend including clay within your regime, preferably in the form of a face mask. Paint your preferred clay mask onto skin directly after cleansing. Leave […]

Notes on Blemishes and Solutions

DO Leave It Be I know, I know, I know. It’s tempting as the practice of picking and squeezing is instantly gratifying. But the instant gratification will quickly be off set by the myriad of complications that shortly follow. Picking spreads bacteria, encourages additional breakouts, large pores, inflammation, pigmentation and even scarring. It’s especially risky […]