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Net-A-Porter · Melanie Grant’s everyday beauty, health and wellness routine

With clinics on three continents and an A-list clientele that includes Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Cate Blanchett, Australian aesthetician MELANIE GRANT is a leading authority on skin health. Here, she shares why less is always more with skincare, the benefits of face icing, and the one bedtime ritual she swears by First thing in […]

VOGUE · 5 Beauty Rules From Victoria Beckham’s Facialist

Los Angeles-based facialist Melanie Grant had a very-VIP client write the preface to her book The Modern Guide to Skin Health—longtime client Victoria Beckham.  “Melanie has established herself as one of the world’s leading skincare experts,” Beckham shares in the preface, crediting her two decades of working with skin as part of her expertise.  Here are […]

Harper’s BAZAAR · The Beauty of Routine

Heritage brands and HERO PRODUCTS are redefining the luxury of EVERYDAY RITUAL, offering an ELEVATED alternative to the industry’s trend-driven churn. WHILE THE FACE of luxury is diverse and ever-changing, one constant remains: the preciousness of time and how we spend it. Finite and fleeting, it’s the ultimate extravagance in a world driven by being […]

PRIMER · How Perfect Skin Became A Status Symbol

Endlessly entertaining gifs and memes aside, one of Succession’s lasting legacies is that it helped usher in an era of ‘quiet luxury’. Quiet luxury is low-key affluence that still speaks volumes – but only to those in the know. It is the plain black baseball cap that Kendall Roy wears in Succession that can be bought for $USD625 […]