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VOGUE · 5 Beauty Rules From Victoria Beckham’s Facialist

Los Angeles-based facialist Melanie Grant had a very-VIP client write the preface to her book The Modern Guide to Skin Health—longtime client Victoria Beckham.  “Melanie has established herself as one of the world’s leading skincare experts,” Beckham shares in the preface, crediting her two decades of working with skin as part of her expertise.  Here are […]

Harper’s BAZAAR · Victoria Beckham’s facialist, Melanie Grant, on the need to ask yourself, “Am I thinking big enough?”

Whether they’re revolutionising skin and haircare, setting new standards for diversity in modelling or expressing their creativity through makeup and manicures, these local beauty pioneers are transforming the international beauty industry. In celebration of BAZAAR Australia’s new era, we celebrate their artistry in our ‘Tastemakers’ series as their careers are set for take-off. THE FIRST […]

The Modern Day Living · Australia’s Skin Care Queen

Tell us, when did your journey into the beauty world begin? My first proper foray into the beauty world was when I was 11. My mum took me to a fancy spa for a facial and I loved it! Ever since then I always knew I would work in beauty. It was fascinating to me. […]