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Notes On… Layering Skincare

You may (think you) have your skincare routine down pat. Cleanse, exfoliate, serum, oil…and so on. But, there is more to it than merely the sequence of application. I often meet with clients who are (incidentally, or sometimes on purpose) essentially giving themselves the equivalent of a chemical peel each and every evening by combining […]

Doré · Perfect Pairs: Which Beauty Products You Should and Should Not Layer

Skincare is much the same. But the thing is, it’s much harder than, say, curdled milk to spot the things that don’t go together because every week there’s a shiny new product on the shelf, luring you in with ingredients you can’t pronounce all bearing the promise of younger, shinier, clearer skin. And naturally, you […]

Notes on More is Not Always Merrier

There is a common and unfortunate misconception that using more products in your skincare routine will automatically equate to better results. This is far from the case. More dermatologists and estheticians are seeing clients who come in with a self-diagnosis of sensitive skin (a lifelong skin type) when in actuality they have sensitised skin (a […]

Notes On Layering Skincare

Correctly layering your skincare products will allow you to get the most out of your products and routine. Just as important as choosing the right product for your specific skin type and concern is ensuring that you apply it in the appropriate order. With so many options, it can get confusing. Below, I break down […]