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GRAZIA · Melanie Grant on the transformative effects of skin hydration at any age

The facialist to Victoria Beckham, Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman on the importance of retaining your skin’s moisture, the beauty products she travels with, and exactly how to layer CHANEL’s SUBLIMAGE range into your beauty regime The rhythm of a good facialist’s hands in one of life’s great indulgences—and CHANEL skin expert (and one of […]

Net-A-Porter · Melanie Grant’s everyday beauty, health and wellness routine

With clinics on three continents and an A-list clientele that includes Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Cate Blanchett, Australian aesthetician MELANIE GRANT is a leading authority on skin health. Here, she shares why less is always more with skincare, the benefits of face icing, and the one bedtime ritual she swears by First thing in […]

InStyle · Melanie Grant Can’t Travel Without This Skincare Range

The celebrity facialist shares her skincare essentials for travel and talks all things Chanel Sublimage. Inherent to the Chanel DNA is a belief that all women should feel free. Free within their clothes — unrestricted by societal expectations of how they should dress or the styles they should wear — and free to explore the […]

BRITISH VOGUE · 4 Celebrity Facialists On What It Takes To Achieve Award-Winning Skin

Every red-carpet appearance is prefaced by a multitude of beauty treatments, but perhaps the most important are those performed on the face. Facials not only help improve the quality of the skin, but also what’s beneath it, creating the ultimate canvas for beautiful make-up – a nonnegotiable when you’re being photographed. So what, exactly, does […]

Financial Times · Liquid oxygen, beauty’s new super-ingredient

Sometimes the best ideas are right in front of you. For the skincare industry, that’s oxygen. On top of supplying our bodies with energy, oxygen supports healthy skin by maintaining cell turnover. As our oxygen levels deplete with age – around 60 per cent of the skin’s oxygen capacity is lost by the age of […]

VOGUE · 5 Beauty Rules From Victoria Beckham’s Facialist

Los Angeles-based facialist Melanie Grant had a very-VIP client write the preface to her book The Modern Guide to Skin Health—longtime client Victoria Beckham.  “Melanie has established herself as one of the world’s leading skincare experts,” Beckham shares in the preface, crediting her two decades of working with skin as part of her expertise.  Here are […]

Harper’s BAZAAR · Victoria Beckham’s facialist, Melanie Grant, on the need to ask yourself, “Am I thinking big enough?”

Whether they’re revolutionising skin and haircare, setting new standards for diversity in modelling or expressing their creativity through makeup and manicures, these local beauty pioneers are transforming the international beauty industry. In celebration of BAZAAR Australia’s new era, we celebrate their artistry in our ‘Tastemakers’ series as their careers are set for take-off. THE FIRST […]

ELLE · 5 Skincare Secrets Celebrity Facialist Melanie Grant Swears By

We’ll be the first to admit we often find ourselves lost in the supple skin of our favourite celebrities. From Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Victoria Beckham, A-listers have long mastered the enviable art of a healthy, lit-from-within glow. And now, the mastermind behind these famed complexions is revealing the secret to their luminosity, including the products and rituals she prioritises in their […]

VOGUE France · Victoria Beckham shares her 3 skincare rituals for superb skin

Victoria Beckham : sa routine skincare en 3 étapes clés Faire des masques LED à la maison Cette première astuce a sans aucun doute été recommandée par sa facialiste et amie Melanie Grant, qui en vante les bienfaits dans son livre “The Modern Guide to Skin Health” (une véritable bible sur la santé de la […]