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Notes on Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition where discolouration appears on the skin. These areas can look like blotchy patches, condensed freckles or dark spots. Hyperpigmentation occurs when excess melanin (brown pigment) forms deposits in the skin. While the condition can affect people of all ages and skin types, those with a lot of melanin already […]

Vogue Australia· Look on the bright side: a guide to treating melasma and hyperpigmentation

Skincare expert and celebrity go-to facialist Melanie Grant (who just launched the ultimate bible on all things skincare) says treatments for melasma have evolved enormously in recent years. “Back in the day, many clients were led to believe that prescription Vitamin A, topical bleaching agents or hydroquinone were the only options for treating melasma or that […]

VOGUE · How To Manage Melasma: A Guide

What is melasma? “It usually appears across the forehead, cheeks and upper lip in a butterfly pattern, but can also appear in single spots or patches,” says Sydney-based skin whisperer and director of Melanie Grant Skin Health, Melanie Grant. “This type of pigment often presents during pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy or for those of us […]