Notes on Moisturising Oily, Blemish-Prone Skin

While it’s understandable to assume that using a moisturiser may only worsen oily or blemish-prone skin, this is a damaging skincare myth that is of huge disservice to anyone with oily or congested skin because every person, regardless of skin type, needs a moisturiser. Firstly, it’s important to understand what moisturisers are and how they […]

Notes on Exfoliating for your Skin Type

Regular exfoliation is fundamental to maintaining a healthy functioning skin barrier. A build-up of dead cells on the skin’s surface can lead to a myriad of different skin concerns such as congestion, uneven texture and dullness while also making any existing lines or wrinkles appear more pronounced. It’s so important to incorporate an exfoliant into […]

Notes on DIY Facial

Facials don’t need to be exclusive to in-clinic studios we can also yield incredible results from at home. Giving yourself a DIY facial is a great way to destress, boost your complexion and maintain skin health. Whether you’re committing to a once-weekly ritual or saving it for a special occasion, the DIY facial can instantly […]

Notes on Skincare in our 50s

Hormonal changes in our 50s, such as menopause, can cause the skin to become more prone to irritation and dryness so it’s important to support the skin’s barrier by using nourishing, hydrating formulations. In addition, we should look to incorporate ingredients that are known to promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin. These two proteins […]

Notes on Summer Skincare

Just as we change our wardrobes moving into summer, so too should we adjust our approach to skincare. In summer, our key skin concerns are heavily impacted by an increase in oil production, increase in sun exposure, and increased dehydration. By tweaking and making slight modifications to our product repertoire for the warmer months will […]

Notes on An Optimal Morning Routine

My philosophy to skincare is all about taking a preventative approach rather than a reactive one and our morning regime is where we do exactly that, prevent! Our skin works tirelessly to protect us from sun exposure, pollution, free radicals and other environmental factors so each step and ingredient in our morning routine is taking […]

Notes on Expensive Products Don’t Always Equal Better Results

Expensive skincare does not automatically equate to a superior level of performance and rate of effectiveness. What is more important than price is choosing a well-formulated product containing ingredients that work for your specific skin type and concern. It’s important to understand that often when you’re paying premium prices for skincare, you’re not only paying […]

Notes On Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) devices

Collagen Induction therapy, also known as microneedling is a clinical treatment that involves causing tiny controlled micro-injuries to the outer layer of skin. These temporary surface-level punctures stimulate the body’s natural collagen healing response. The formation of new collagen can help to improve skin texture and elasticity leaving the complexion looking plump and youthful. Microneedling […]

Notes on Skincare in our teens

Between acne, blackheads, enlarged pores and excess oil, navigating teenage skin can be challenging. The teenage years are all about prevention and treating any skin conditions that flare up in a conscious and gentle manner. Sticking to a simple daily skincare routine can help to target these concerns, as well as instilling positive skincare habits […]

Notes on Dermatitis

Dermatitis is an umbrella term for many different types of skin inflammation (including eczema). It’s characterised by rash-like formations, which are often coupled with itchiness, dryness, redness and swelling. While dermatitis isn’t contagious, it can certainly be uncomfortable. Some types of dermatitis tend to only appear momentarily (such as those caused by an allergic reaction) […]