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Sunday Life · What skincare specialist Melanie Grant eats in a day

Skincare specialist Melanie Grant, 41, shares her day on a plate. 6am Wake up, drink a glass of warm water with a big squeeze of lemon and take my probiotics. 6.30am Two morning coffees, one espresso and one with almond milk. 9am I make a large carafe of water with fresh ginger, lemon and mint […]

Sunday Life · The 10 most common beauty myths debunked

Like any area of health, myths abound when it comes to skincare. From brands that entice us using clever marketing claims to therapists and salespeople who play on our insecurities to sell unnecessary treatments, products that don’t deliver on their promises are everywhere. Throughout my career, I’ve heard every sort of skincare myth. Here, I’ve […]

The Sydney Morning Herald· An expert guide to perfecting DIY facials

I want to perfect my DIY facial, so I ask skin aficionado Melanie Grant to share her go-to home routine. The lowdown First, double cleanse with a balm to break down make-up and grime and follow it with an AHA cleanser to deep-clean pores. Next, exfoliate with a scrub, enzyme mask or gentle peeling solution […]

Sunday Life · This Week I Try…A Laser Facial

Pain factor  I cannot lie, the laser is really ouchy. Downtime Sixty minutes for the treatment. I was quite red and looked a little swollen for a couple of days after, so I used a tinted moisturiser to disguise the redness. Results  Once my skin settled down, the texture was finer and firmer and the […]