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SMH · Kim Kardashian’s skincare has nine steps. Is that seven steps too many?

If Kim Kardashian’s recently launched skincare line SKKN by Kim is anything to go by, a “perfect” skincare routine should contain no less than nine steps. You should wash your face using the SKKN Cleanser (morning and night) and follow with the exfoliator (but only two times per week). Then splash your face with a […]

The Sydney Morning Herald· An expert guide to perfecting DIY facials

I want to perfect my DIY facial, so I ask skin aficionado Melanie Grant to share her go-to home routine. The lowdown First, double cleanse with a balm to break down make-up and grime and follow it with an AHA cleanser to deep-clean pores. Next, exfoliate with a scrub, enzyme mask or gentle peeling solution […]

The Sydney Morning Herald · Face Up, Man – What A Men’s Facial Feels Like

The Sydney Morning Herald Stephanie Darling My son Jonah is a willing guinea pig when it comes to test-driving a treatment for me and the Custom Men’s Facial at Melanie Grant is his latest mission.