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Violet Grey · 5 Secrets For Boosting Collagen

UP THE ANTE WITH ANTIOXIDANTS The first rule of the Collagen Club is to retain, retain, retain. No matter how much damage has already been done, it’s never too late to start defending skin against the onslaught of daily environmental aggressors—pollutants, UV, chemicals, and the like. The easiest way to do that is to go […]

Violet Grey · A Skin Whisperer’s Secret To A Head-To-Toe Glow

The secret to Professor Augustinus Bader’s formulations is his proprietary Trigger Factor Complex, which is the embodiment of 30 years of research in both plastic and reconstructive surgery, predominantly with burn victims. In short, this complex boosts the communication between the cells to activate your skin’s reparative and regenerative activity. It’s a common misconception that […]

Violet Grey · Woman Made

For Aussie esthetician, Melanie Grant, beauty was always at the forefront for her career-wise. “I always knew I’d work in beauty, even as a little girl,” she says. “I’d read the beauty pages in glossy magazines next to pictures of the It nineties supermodels. I studied skin therapy straight out of school, earned my international […]