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Notes on Biologique Recherche Milk Cleansers

There are three cult status Biologique Recherche milk cleansers in their range, each formulated to thoroughly remove makeup, dirt and impurities without stripping the skin, along with maintaining a healthy pH balance. These milky cleansers emulsify throughout application, I like to really massage them into the skin with small circular movements to promote blood flow and radiance. In the morning I reach for a gentle cleanser to remove any oil, sweat and debris from my skin or leftover product from the night before. By doing this I’m preparing my skin to best absorb my serums and hydrators. For the evening I’m an avid proponent of double cleansing in the evenings, so important! The first will remove make-up, oil, sunscreen and debris. The second will cleanse the skin of all remaining residue, and better prime it for a more effective application of actives, oils and night creme. 

Like any skincare product, our selection is based on our skin type and concerns. Discover the Biologique Recherche milk cleansers;

Lait U
The most gentle of the three cleansers. Lait U is formulated with nourishing sweet almond and hazelnut oils. A silky, emollient cream-cleanser that gently cleanses the skin of impurities and make-up while protecting barrier function and natural moisture levels. Lait U is suitable for young, balanced, combination and sensitive skin types. It’s particularly great for those prone to inflammatory skin conditions, general sensitivity, redness, rosacea and acne.

Lait EV
The most nourishing of three cleansers. Lait EV is a vitamin-enriched cleanser formulated with amniotic fluid compounds, oligo-peptides and vitamins A, E and K to restore, soothe and moisturise dehydrated, dry, dull and devitalised complexions. This nourishing formulation effectively frees the complexion of pollution, grime, and makeup without impairing the Hydrolipidic Film.

Both Lait U and Lait EV can be used both morning and night, as your first and second evening cleanse or paired with a more active formulation for the second cleanse.

Lait VIPO2
The most active of the three cleansers. Lait VIP 02 combats impurities, calms, brightens and energises by drawing oxygen molecules into the skin. This unique formulation contains Cellular Oligopeptides, Vitamins A, E and F to refine and promote a more energised and radiant complexion, perfect for those with dull, lacklustre, congested skin, those who live and work in urban environments, frequent travellers, and smokers. Lait VIP 02 can be used both morning and night, ideally paired with a gentle first cleanse in the evenings.