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Notes On…CHANEL Cleansers

The new CHANEL Cleansing Collection comprises of seven unique formulations each with their own textural attributes. From a soothing micellar water to a nourishing milk, an invigorating foaming cleanser to a luxurious oil – each designed to purify, detoxify and neutralise free radicals across a multitude of skin types and concerns. These can be easily coupled for makeup removal, first and second cleanses or can each stand on their own for a comprehensive cleanse morning or evening.

Of all elements in your regime, taking the time to really focus on cleansing is essential. This is when you’ll be actively removing harmful bacteria, dirt, grime, debris, built-up oil and pollution from the day to ensure your products to follow can penetrate effectively and your cells can function optimally.You can be a little more slap-dash with applying essences and serums – often these need to simply be pressed into the complexion. Though, your cleanse should be active and purposeful; use your whole hand to really work the product over your face, neck and décolleté, into the mental crease, the corners of the nose and any areas of concern for at least two minutes.

The most common mistake people make when cleansing is striving for a “squeaky clean” finish. You can achieve a really thorough, active and efficient cleanse using lipid-rich oils, comforting milks and hydrating gel-based cleansers without stripping the acid mantle or drying out the complexion.

The purifying collection is designed to be used as a hardworking trio. Le Gel works to break down surface impurities, grime and pollution, while Le Gommage gently sloughs away dead skin, surface debris and promotes circulation and blood flow making way for a better penetration of actives to follow. The final step is Le Masque, which utilises Kaolin and French Clay to draw deep-set impurities and toxins from the pores before infusing a cocktail of Vitamins C, E and Maracuja into the complexion.

I’m a firm believer in a nightly double cleanse, first with a gentle oil or milk to breakdown makeup, SPF and start to dissolve oil and grime. The L’Huile (which is a nourishing oil cleanser), Le Lait (a nourishing cleansing milk) or the Le Lait Douceur D’Huile (which transforms from a milk to an oil) are perfect here. Then, go in with something a little more active like La Mousse which gently foams to really alleviate the pores of impurities. Swipe Le Tonique on a cotton pad delicately over the face, neck and décolleté to remove any excess product and add a layer of hydration before finishing with your night serums and creams. In the mornings, you only need a mild cleanse to refresh the complexion, remove any residual product from the evening and to prepare your skin for antioxidants and hydrators. Le Lait Fraicher D’Eau converts from a milk to a water, so it’s great for energising the complexion in the morning without leaving behind any residue. If you’re pressed for time like most of us are, reach for the L’eau Micellaire to gently clarify, soothe and hydrate in one simple step.

All three cleansers contain blue and purple micro-algae work to shield the skin from free radicals and protect the cells from damage caused by pollution and environmental aggressors. Particularly beneficial for de-stressing the complexion, they are incredibly strengthening and build the skin’s resilience against irritating and sensitising agents.