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Notes On…Night Cream

I’m often asked if we really need to use a night cream and my answer is always a resounding ‘yes!’. Unlike your day cream that should be fortified with a broad spectrum SPF (if it’s not, it should be!), night creams are designed to assist in facilitating the skin’s own innate functions of regeneration and repair that take place while we sleep. 

Ideally applied as the final step in your evening regime, layering a cream, gel or emulsion over serums will lock in actives and provide deep and lasting nourishment while you sleep. In short: think prevention and protection during the day and correction and repair at night. It’s also the best time to get deep hydration if your skin is prone to dryness — you can lather up without fear of shininess, or make-up sitting over the top. 

So, how do you choose the right night cream for you? As with any formulation, quality ingredients are key – though these needn’t be too complicated, overly active or even expensive. It’s more about aligning the right ingredients with your specific concerns. Depending on what your skin is craving, some of my favourite ingredients in a night cream are below, broken up by your skin health goals. 

For refining – ✔ Lactic Acid ✔ Enzymes ✔ Fruit acids

For clarifying – ✔ Salicylic Acid ✔ Glycolic Acid ✔ Retinol ✔

For brightening – ✔ Vitamin C ✔ Vitamin A ✔ Niacinamide ✔ Watercress

For firming – ✔ Lipids ✔ Amino Acids ✔ Peptides ✔ Collagen ✔ Alfalfa Extract

For hydrating – ✔ Squalane ✔ Hyaluronic Acid ✔ Ceramides ✔Rose

For calming – ✔ Vitamin B ✔ Vitamin E ✔ Aloe ✔ Calendula

✖ Avoid artificial fragrance, mineral oils and synthetic fillers if you can. These can inhibit optimal skin function, block pores and prevent cell turnover