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Notes on Lotion P50

The combination of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) and PHA (Poly Hydroxy Acid) acids unstick the glue that holds cornified dead cells together while also giving rise to healthy new cells. With the addition of specific vitamins minerals and biological ingredients that respect the epidermis, Lotion P50 is unique in that it helps healthy new cells to rise in a more organized fashion so that your epidermis is restructured, allowing better light reflection, unified complexion, unclogged pores, sebum control, enhanced penetration of your active ingredients to follow.
Lotion P50V is vitamin enriched and more suited for devitalized skins concerned with fine lines or need plumping.

Lotion P50W is gentler and contains arnica and other botanicals that reduce redness and has a vaso constricting action

Lotion P50 is the best suited for keratinized, thicker skins with seborrhic tendencies, break outs congestion

Lotion p50 PIGM 400 is gentle and suited for skins with a thinner epidermis. It contains ingredients that surpress the melanin production to reduce uneven skin tone and pigmentation spots.

Apply after cleansing with a cleansing milk or non foaming cleanser✔️When beginning with Lotion P50 dampen the cotton round with water first to dilute✔️Work up to using the lotion straight onto a dry cotton round✔️Apply to the skin with pressing movements✔️don’t wipe or rub❌let the lotion do the work. Hold the lotion in static over the nose or areas of blackheads or congestion✔️Start by using every second night and work up to using every night if your skin allows✔️ MG x ✨

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