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Notes on Pre Wedding Skin

When it comes to having a plan, our complexions are unique. Your skincare regimen should be customised to your skin type, concerns and, most importantly, the time frame to your big day. And while weddings shouldn’t be an excuse to lash out on hugely expensive treatments and start a whole new regimen (you have enough to spend money on!), there are little things you can do in the lead up to make your skin health the best it’s ever been — and continue your refreshed routine after the wedding for longer lasting effects. Here are a few of my favourite tips to pre-wedding perfection. 


Keep in mind, if your dress is strapless or low-cut, you want to keep the skin tone as even as possible, so ensure that you’re wearing sunscreen every day to protect your face, neck and décolletage from redness, freckles, sunspots and pigment. Plus, it’s an important (and life saving) habit to get into if you aren’t already. 


Whether you’re having professional treatments, facials or just changing your skincare, one of the most important factors is to manage your time. Allow enough time for the full result to develop and address any unexpected reactions or responses. Don’t expect any quick fixes the week before, and plan out your treatments to allow time for downtime or pre-day glow in the weeks leading up to the wedding. 


Don’t try anything new or radical. Especially in those final few weeks, a great rule of thumb is to stick to only those products that you’ve used previously and you know and trust.