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Notes on Noble Panacea Chronobiology Sleep Mask

Founded by Nobel Prize winner chemist Sir Fraser Stoddart, Noble Panacea has garnered much-deserved recognition for its highly efficacious, eco-minded, luxury skincare products. At its core is Sir Fraser Stoddart Organic Super Molecule Vessel™ technology (OSMV) designed to protect the ingredient molecule and deliver it into the skin with the utmost precision.

It’s no surprise that this sophisticated brand has been titled with a ‘cult hero’ status, one of their tried and true products Chronobiology Sleep Mask is particularly special. It’s the ultimate sleeping mask to reset, renew and boost the complexion with a highly concentrated dose of active skin-loving ingredients. An incredibly innovative formulation that harnesses the power of Noble Panacea’s intelligent OSMVTM Technology to work in synergy and enhance the skin’s natural overnight biorhythm of regeneration and self-repair processes. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive complexions, this exceptional sleep mask works to detoxify and rebalance leaving your skin plump, restored, replenished and radiant. 

For those of us, that love a less is more approach this reparative mask does all the heavy lifting while you sleep with pre and post-biotics and PHAs to gently detoxify, retinol and peptides to repair and rejuvenate and ceramides and hyaluronic acid to nourish, protect, and illuminate. It’s also infused with botanical oils for a luxurious and sensory experience while reducing trans-epidermal water loss, regulating sebum production, and supporting the natural skin barrier.