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Notes on Retinol

It’s tried, tested and proven to address many common skin conditions including large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, blemishes, pigmentation, laxity and dull or uneven skin tone.

This magic wonder of skincare works by speeding up the turnover of dead skin cells, making way for fresh new cells to rise to the surface. As it does so, it thickens the deeper layers of our skin through the stimulating the collagen production. This means plumper skin.

So who can use Retinol? Well actually, most of us. It’s suitable for almost every skin type except for those of us with hypersensitive, compromised skins or who are pregnant, or nursing.

Knowing how to properly use retinol is the key to it’s success.

It’s best to introduce retinol slowly into your skincare regime to avoid any irritation. Try using a retinol serum after your evening cleanse two or three times per week before applying your night cream, eventually building up to every night. In saying this, retinol-based skincare products have come a long way in recent times with lower dose, time release formulas that are far easier tolerated and more gentle on the skin. So even those with sensitive skin can use it.

Try including a retinol serum into your night time regime after cleansing and before you apply your night cream. Retinol encourages cell turnover so you’re exposing that new, fresher skin. This is the same as if you were to use an exfoliating scrub, so always be sure to apply a broad spectrum high factor sunscreen during the day. If you have a sensitive skin try a retinaldehyde serum.

MG x