Notes on Why You Should Be Sleeping On Silk

Georgia Fowler Silk Pillowcase

The advantages of sleeping on silk are virtually endless (Slip Silk Pillowcases are my all time favourite). Silk is incredibly soft and gentle on your delicate skin, which, as we know, we need to avoid pulling and tugging on at all costs. On the contrary, cotton fibres WILL tug and pull at the skin, aggravating conditions like acne. As silk is a natural fibre, it breathes in-sync with skin to minimise sweat and general irritation (bad news for pores and congestion).

Mechanical compression – i.e. sleeping with your face buried into your pillow – causes wrinkles and fine lines as well as laxity. Those pesky embedded lines you wake up with after a deep sleep may seem innocuous from the outset, however, they are doing far more harm than you may realise. Sleep creases deepen and set over time, eventually turning into permanent lines, wrinkles and loose skin.

As an added incentive, silk gets along famously with your hair, too. Silk pillowcases regulate the hair’s oil production, so you can get away with washing it far less frequently. Like your face, hair will drift across your pillowcase with ease, meaning the hair cuticle will remain unagitated (not the case when sleeping on cotton – cotton agitates your hair cuticle a LOT). As a result, you can eliminate the term ‘bedhead’ from your vocabulary and your blow wave will stand the test of time.

Unlike cotton, it won’t selfishly absorb all of your expensive night creams and serums. Now you can truly sleep soundly. Sweet dreams. MGx