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10 Magazine· Ten talks to Melanie Grant Chanel Skin Expert

We love a good glow and for that we swear by Chanel’s Hydra Beauty range. Now, Chanel are introducing a new star in the lineup: Hydra Beauty Camellia Glow Concentrate, a gentle exfoliating hydration with AHAs ready to reset our routine. We went to Melanie Grant, Chanel Skin Expert, to experience the new serum as part of the ultimate Hydra Beauty facial. Glow, supercharged. We spoke to Melanie to get the lowdown on the new concentrate:

We’re so excited about the Hydra Beauty Camellia Glow Concentrate. What do you love most about this new serum?

With the right products, a streamlined skincare routine is often the most effective, so I like to select products that will work hard on my behalf. The Camellia Glow Concentrate does just that, it is concentrated which means only a small amount is required minus additional steps. A true multi-tasker the formula refines, brightens, exfoliates and hydrates in one simple step.”

How is it revolutionary? 

“Our skin is confronted daily with aggressors from the environment, pollution and debris accumulated throughout the day. This results in a buildup of dead skin cells that lead to a rough skin surface where pores and other textual inconsistencies may appear more visible, causing a coarse, lacklustre complexion. Because of this, it’s vital to incorporate exfoliation into our regimes to slough away that build up, to keep the skin’s surface fresh and even. For those with a sensitive skin type, over-exfoliating can be more detrimental than effective so it’s important to balance exfoliation. The Camellia Glow Concentrate’s inclusion of the White Camellia extract rehydrates, to boost the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid. So, whilst it exfoliates, it won’t strip or cause sensitivity to the skin. It’s nourishing and restorative which is what makes it gentle enough for daily use and for all skin types, even for those of us with sensitive skin.”

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