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Shape · Victoria Beckham’s Facialist Called Out A Skincare Mistake You’re Probably Making

Melanie Grant, facialist to the likes of Victoria Beckham and Phoebe Tonkin, wrote an Instagram post explaining why you’re better off with a minimalist skin-care regimen.  “The most effective skincare regimes are those that are the most simple,” according to Grant. Your skin “can only absorb so many products,” writes Grant, so if nothing else, an overzealous skin-care routine is an unnecessary use of time and money. More than that, piling on too many products can wreak havoc, she explains. “Be wary of layering different actives as this can have dire implications for skin—believe it or not, it is possible to unknowingly give yourself the equivalent of a chemical peel on a nightly basis (!),” she writes.

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