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Skin Health Essentials

Ideal for those who are time conscious or as a more singularly targeting treatment. The Essentials are my fillip for immediate results for a multitude of skin concerns such as dullness, dryness, dehydration, congestion and lacklustre skins.

Perfect for pre- or post-flight skin rejuvenation or if you simply want a taste of the more encompassing facials that we have developed at MELANIE GRANT SKIN HEALTH, these 45-minute treatments can also be included periodically to address specific skin concerns and enhance your existing treatment plan.

Essential Brightening Facial

Ideal for those concerned with uneven skin tone or lacklustre complexions. The Essential Brightening Facial unifies the skin tone and illuminates the complexion. Custom AHA peels, a sonophoresis infusion of potent Vitamin C and a concentrated brightening mask work cohesively to address signs of dullness, photoaging and fatigue in the skin. The skin is then enclosed in a firming collagen mask that delivers radiance-promoting hydration to the skin.

Essential Purifying Facial

A targeted treatment designed to detoxify and calm congested and inflammatory skin conditions. A fusion of custom AHA peels and immunity boosters are utilised to refine and heal the skin while strengthening the epidermal barrier performance and regulating sebaceous activity leaving the complexion cleansed, purified and soothed. The skin is then draped in an inflammation soothing hyaluronic mask that quenches and calms the skin.

Essential Hydrating Facial

A concentrated boost of hydration for those who are time sensitive and whose skin is suffering from environmental or seasonal changes, PMT, stress, frequent travel, and sleep deprivation. Comprised of a customised AHA peel and fortified hyaluronic mask, the Essential Hydrating Facial also includes a meticulous infusion of potent hydration boosters via ultrasound to quench the deep levels of the epidermis. The skin is then cocooned in a lipid-rich mask that infuses the skin with vital peptides and hyaluronic acid. The skin is left plump, nourished and hydrated, giving you a supple, dewy glow.

Essential Restorative Facial

A therapeutic treatment for devitalised, dry and sensitive complexions, the Essential Restorative Facial balances the skin’s PH levels to encourage water retention and a reduction of inflammation. The skin is refined with a gentle custom AHA peel, while active botanical boosters deliver a potent blend of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the deep levels of the epidermis by way of sonophoresis infusion, increasing skin immunity and vitality. The skin is then cocooned with a nourishing hydrating mask and enclosed in a healing collagen mask that delivers peptides and hyaluronic acid to the skin.

Body Resurfacing Treatment

Offering attention to the commonly neglected areas of the body, the Essential Body Resurfacing Treatment works to target dry, uneven and coarse skin on the arms, legs, back and décolletage. Following a thorough cleanse and desincrustation, a resurfacing peel is applied to the entire body and then left for up to six hours, leaving the skin refreshed, refined and completely anew. This is ideal in the lead up to a wedding or event and we recommend opting for afternoon appointments the day before so you can relax at home post-treatment while your peel continues to work.

Microdermabrasion Facial

A preferred treatment for congested and acneic skin types and instances of dryness and depletion, the Essential Microdermabrasion Facial utilises diamond microdermabrasion to polish, re-texturise and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Custom dermal boosters are infused into the complexion underneath a collagen-rich hyaluronic mask to boost the skin’s epidermal water contents and ensures the penetration of hydrating and antioxidant molecules into the deep levels of the epidermis. This treatment also increases the absorption potential of active and correct serums at home.

Clinical Red Light Facial

Suitable for all skin types who wish to boost dermal moisture levels. The accent is on plumping and firming the skin by stimulating cellular activity, circulation, tissue oxygenation and detoxification. After a thorough cleanse and desincrustation of the skin, a custom antioxidant, hydration, anti-inflammatory, and immunity boosters are infused via sonophoresis and followed by LED light therapy. Results can be visible after each treatment and are cumulative. Packages of ten treatments are available for weekly sessions.

Clinical White Light Facial

Stimulating cellular regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin, the Clinical White Light Facial is suitable for all skin types, especially those concerned with dilated pores, fine lines, sensitive skin, or acneic conditions. By activating an anti-inflammatory response in the dermis, wound healing, scar reduction and the plumping and firming the skin are all added benefits. Custom antioxidant, hydration, anti-inflammatory and immunity boosters are infused with sonophoresis after a thorough cleanse and desincrustation of the skin, followed by LED light therapy. Results are visible after each treatment but are most profound after cumulative treatments. Packages of ten treatments are available for weekly sessions.