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Beauty Crew · 6 frequent flyers share their beauty travel essentials

Melanie Grant, Founder of Melanie Grant Skin and Chanel’s Official Skin Expert travel tips.

1/ Cleansing
“I always have a mini bottle of Bioderma Sensibio H20 with me,” says Grant. “I do a quick cleanse when I first board, and once again at the end of the flight, to prepare for in-flight treatments, and to remove dirt, grime and built-up toxins from the recirculated air.”

2/ Mini facials
“I apply Noble Panacea’s Chronobiology Sleep Mask, which is individually sealed in a metered dose, perfect for travelling. It’s packed with antioxidants, hydrators and gentle exfoliants so it’s like a mini treatment in itself. If you have time, a little facial massage goes a long way to enliven the skin at the end of a long flight and prevent stagnant lymph that can lead to puffiness, dullness and congestion.”

3/ Hydrating formulas
“Biologique Recherche Creme Masque Vernix is another favourite of mine,” says Grant. “It’s so healing and nourishing and a must to combat parched plane skin. Keeping the skin hydrated and using creams and balms that are a little more occlusive than usual can really help prevent moisture loss, dehydration and discomfort,” she advises.

4/ A sleeping mask
“I keep a SLIP Silk Eye Mask permanently in my carry-on,” says Grant. “They’re gentle on the delicate eye contour, don’t interact with the absorption of your skincare and really help you decompress and relax.” 

5/ A multipurpose lip balm
Lastly, CHANEL Hydra Beauty Nutrition Lipcare — “it’s such a beautifully replenishing formula full of essential fatty acids, shea butter and antioxidants. Any excess I apply to my cuticles, and I like to take a little up and over my orbital bone for some added nourishment and to fake a little anti-jet lag glow.”

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