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Buy Augustinus Bader Australia · Celebrity facialist Melanie Grant who looks after Victoria Beckham shares routine for glowing skin

Melanie Grant is all about a ‘simple and streamlined’ skincare approach.

It’s the little blue bottle in the bathroom cabinet of many a beauty expert, editor, makeup artist and celebrity around the world.

And despite costing upwards of $400 for 50ml, The Rich Cream by Augustinus Bader continues to sell out with regular beauty lovers too.

But what is it about the German world-leading stem cell and biomedical scientist’s moisturiser that makes it so effective, and why do so many people call it their ‘desert island’ beauty product?

Celebrity facialist Melanie Grant operates out of Sydney’s Double Bay and also has studios in LA and London.

She uses Augustinus Bader’s products in the morning and at night – and swears by them.

Melanie says she is all about a “simple and streamlined” skincare approach that uses just a handful of products.

“I make sure I only use concentrated and multi-functional products, as that way I can do less without compromising on results,” she told Best Picks.

“It’s always felt more achievable and sustainable.”

First thing in the morning, Melanie does a cleanse.

After starting with a gentle milk cleanser or a sweep of micellar water “to remove any residual product from the night before”, she will “layer Augustinus Bader’s The Serum with The Rich Cream over the top”.

“I finish with a generous layer of broad spectrum SPF,” she explains.

Augustinus Bader’s The Serum (from $550) is designed to be an all-round product, that helps to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and also improve your overall skin tone.

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