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Financial Times · Liquid oxygen, beauty’s new super-ingredient

Sometimes the best ideas are right in front of you. For the skincare industry, that’s oxygen. On top of supplying our bodies with energy, oxygen supports healthy skin by maintaining cell turnover. As our oxygen levels deplete with age – around 60 per cent of the skin’s oxygen capacity is lost by the age of 40 – this renewal process starts to slow down. The result is an increased risk of fine lines and wrinkles. 

“Your skin needs oxygen in order to work optimally,” says LYMA founder Lucy Goff, who recently updated the brand’s Oxygen Mist to include 100 per cent active stabilised oxygen, a non-toxic liquid concentrate. While stabilised oxygen has been used in medicine since the 1920s, the beauty industry has historically favoured the gas form for use in oxygen facials. But experts disagree as to whether oxygen in gas form is able to penetrate the skin. LYMA uses oxygen in a liquid form, which the brand promises can help boost moisture, repair the skin’s barrier function and increase collagen.

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