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The world of Aesthetic treatments has really shifted in recent years. For starters, it’s far more accessible, more talked about and less taboo. There’s also so much more on offer; non-invasive options that guarantee better skin within the lunch hour. Beauty tech innovation is all around us, all you need to know is where to go – and what to book. So if you’re looking to level up your complexion without wasting time (and money) on sub-par treatment options, we’ve tapped the industry’s biggest names to pull together the best of the best.

Pico Laser

Facialist Melanie Grant tells us that Pico Second Laser—often referred to as Picoway treatment—works by delivering a short burst of energy to the skin in one trillionth of a second, allowing it to delicately target areas of concern without harming surrounding skin cells. As a result, the body’s natural healing process is triggered, which carries away damaged tissue and rebuilds collagen and elastin.

LED Light Therapy

LED (light emitting diode) light therapy is one of Sydney facialist Melanie Grant’s most popular in-clinic treatments as it targets a range of concerns, including blemishes, pigment, large pores, dullness, inflammation and redness. Treatment time is quick (20 minutes at most), and there’s zero downtime involved — if anything, you’ll emerge glowy and refreshed. Each wavelength of light (denoted by colour) targets specific skin concerns: Red light stimulates the cell rejuvenation process to improve skin density. It’s best used as an anti-ageing tool to treat fine lines and wrinkles and reduce redness while boosting circulation. Blue light kills acne-causing bacteria (often called P. acnes), lessening the severity and duration of breakouts. White light is best used as a healing treatment as it targets inflammation and is most effective on scars, stretch marks, persistent wounds and chronic conditions like psoriasis and wrinkles.

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