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Harper’s BAZAAR · The Beauty of Routine

Heritage brands and HERO PRODUCTS are redefining the luxury of EVERYDAY RITUAL, offering an ELEVATED alternative to the industry’s trend-driven churn.

WHILE THE FACE of luxury is diverse and ever-changing, one constant remains: the preciousness of time and how we spend it. Finite and fleeting, it’s the ultimate extravagance in a world driven by being busy. Now, luxurious experiences integrated into daily life feel increasingly important. From bespoke skincare rituals to the use of proven, premium products, small moments of indulgence are signalling the return of a more simplified yet no less sophisticated approach to beauty. As Chanel skincare expert Melanie Grant explains, “For me, the definition of luxury in 2023 is having the time to care for your skin each day, even if it’s three minutes morning and evening. [That] isn’t always easy, especially when we’re navigating work, family and social lives.” Carving out a moment for self-care takes on new relevance when life is ever more hectic. It’s why she advocates for a “less but better” approach to skin: following fewer steps while relying on multifunctional formulas “so you don’t have to do as much, without compromising on results”. Investing thoughtfully in a high-quality, stripped-back routine and applying it mindfully is beauty’s response to fashion’s quiet-luxury movement. And it isn’t necessarily driven by price. It’s a more considered and responsible concept that prioritises the experience and emotion of looking after your complexion while taking a valuable moment to return to yourself.