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The Cut · How Victoria Beckham’s Facialist Gets Her Skin So Good

If you follow Victoria Beckham, Nicole Warne, or Joan Smalls on Instagram, you might be familiar with Melanie Grant — or at least her hands. After all, it’s the aesthetician’s hands that guide celebrities and influencers through her facials in Australia (where she has two studios in Sydney and Melbourne), Los Angeles (where she set up shop in West Hollywood), and Paris (where she holds a residency during every Paris Fashion Week as Chanel’s Skin Expert).

In addition to planning her studio expansion — New Yorkers, she’s coming to you next — Grant has recently taken on the role of brand ambassador for Resoré, which launched with antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and ecofriendly towels and washcloths last October. “I’m a firm believer in keeping things simple but ensuring that whatever you use is high performing — quality over quantity is key,” Grant says. “Achieving optimal skin health is not always about having an overly complicated home care regimen or trying every treatment on the market. It’s about being strategic.”

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