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Sunday Life · The Laser Facial Treatment Designed To Tackle Pigmentation

Heading into winter is the perfect time for me to kickstart my complexion with the new PicoWay laser facial treatment.

The lowdown The Pico technology was originally developed for tattoo removal but has since been customised to treat skin concerns. My therapist, Brooke, begins with the signature cleanse-and-firm facial massage to create a clean surface. Big tick. She then uses the PicoWay Zoom to target pigment deep in my epidermis before switching the head to the Resolve setting.

This uses laser beams to create tiny holes under the skin that encourage collagen and elastin to form. The penultimate phase treats any topical pigmentation, pores and wrinkles. The finishing touch comprises 20 minutes under the healing Dermalux white light and an arm massage. All bases covered.

Downtime Sixty minutes.

Pain factor Barely any, just some little prickly sensations on the bony parts of my face.

Results A few pimples came to the surface the day after my treatment, but my skin soon settled down and looked clearer and plumper.

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