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The Daily Telegraph · This is how Dua Lipa and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley get ‘rich girl’ skin (and how you can too), according to Melanie Grant

Call it rich girl, glass or glazed doughnut skin. It’s the beauty look everyone from Victoria Beckham to Dua Lipa is sporting … and this is how they achieve it.

Ultra-hydrated, plump and dewy – it has been called everything from “rich girl” to “glass” skin, even being likened to a glazed doughnut (if you’re Hailey Bieber).

From Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Victoria Beckham, Dua Lipa and Jennifer Aniston, this is how Hollywood’s A-list achieves “it” girl skin, from the Australian facialist who practically invented it.

Melanie Grant – the Australian-born, London-based skincare mogul known for her “clinical beauty” ethos – opens up about her secrets to flawless skin, as she launches an exclusive partnership with German luxury skincare brand, Auteur.

Since you launched your eponymous studio, Melanie Grant, in 2012, you’ve worked with some of the most recognisable faces from Australia – to Hollywood. Tell me about how you prep your A-list clients for runway shows or red carpets.

Melanie Grant: “Every treatment I perform on a client is completely tailored to the unique needs of their skin on that particular day. Before an event I’m always cautious not to do anything too corrective – so for [a recent runway], I was really focused on refining the skin with gentle peels, infusions with hydrating and brightening boosters, red light therapy to promote circulation and radiance and finishing with a firm and purposeful massage to flush stagnant lymph, sculpt, lift and tone the complexion and leave it with a healthful glow.”

You have relocated your base from Sydney to London. What can you tell me about your planned expansion into the London market with a permanent studio?

Melanie Grant: “I’ve been treating from my private treatment space in Chelsea. We will be looking to open our diary there for new clients very soon, too. Our first official London studio will open in Mayfair before the end of the year.”

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