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The West Australian · Celebrity facialist Melanie Grant spills her surprisingly simple skincare secrets

When the celebrities consistently making headlines for their enviably ageless complexions are all raving about one particular skincare expert, it’s usually a good sign to pay attention. And when said skincare expert, Australian facialist Melanie Grant, releases a book offering a relatable and easy to follow breakdown of how we should be caring for our skin, it’s usually a good time to run to the nearest bookstore.

Victoria Beckham calls The Modern Guide to Skin Health a “must-read” for anyone wanting to improve their skin health, fellow Australian skincare queen Zoe Foster Blake sings Grant’s praises, Jennifer Aniston follows her on Instagram and top model Rosie Huntington-Whitely calls her “the best of the best”. But having worked with some of the most glamorous names in Hollywood, Grant tells Today it’s usually the everyday women she sees with that elusive glass skin we all dream about that she is the most floored by.

Don’t let high price tags guide the way

One common misconception among skincare devotees is that the more expensive the product, the better your skin will be. “This is how we’re programmed though, right? It’s like, as you get older, you’re going buy the more expensive wine and the more expensive pizza, but you’re still having pizza and wine on a Friday night,” she laughs.

“People have this idea that more expensive is always better. And sometimes that’s true and often it’s not,” she reveals. Rather than rushing out to buy whichever skincare product your favourite celebrity swears by, Grant suggests only using products specific to your own skin needs and concerns.

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