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VOGUE Italia · The Skincare Tips of Melanie Grant

From diet for the skin to face lifting effect massage: the advice of Melanie Grant, facialist of celebs, including Victoria Beckham, who is “obsessed with skincare” Skin care for Melanie Grant is serious business, but it’s also a very simple thing. “One of the most widespread prejudices related to skincare is that it must be […]

Notes on Difference Between The Augustinus Bader Rich Cream and The Cream

I’m often asked the difference between the Augustinus Bader cult favourite duo, The Rich Cream and The Cream. Both are incredible moisturisers and equally as effective as one another, but the key difference is the texture, with each designed to suit specific skin types and conditions. At the centre of both of these creams is […]

L’Officiel · Une experte de la peau nous révèle la nouvelle pépite skincare pour un visage sans défaut

Avec ses fomules clean et ultra-efficaces, toutes issues d’un traitement médical révolutionnaire, Augustinus Bader s’érige comme l’une des marques skincare des plus pointues de l’industrie. À l’occasion de la sortie de la nouveauté The Ultimate Soothing Cream, l’experte de la peau Melanie Grant nous a donné ses meilleurs conseils pour un teint naturellement parfait. L’OFFICIEL […]

Body and Soul· I take back what I said about Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader, whether or not you’re a beauty buff, you’ve likely heard of the name or recognised the blue bottle on the shelves of big name skincare experts and enthusiasts from Joanna Czech, Cassandra Grey, Victoria Beckham and our own Melanie Grant. It’s even been voted ‘the greatest skincare of all time’. Back in 2019 […]

VOGUE · Road Test

They say you should come into the new year the way you want to spend the rest of it. For me, this meant lots of champagne and a dance with a (very small, Covid-safe) group of friends. It also meant freshly-facialled skin. Getting a facial on December 31 might not be every person’s idea of […]

Notes on Augustinus Bader

Professor Bader is an internationally recognised authority within regenerative sciences. Bader holds over 200 patents and peer-reviewed papers. It is this background that led to the development of THE CREAM. He was driven by the question: Why do some wounds heal without a trace, while others don’t heal at all? Whilst treating burns victims, he […]