Notes on The Rich Cream vs The Cream

I’m often asked the difference between the Augustins Bader cult favourite duo, The Rich Cream and The Cream. Both are incredible moisturisers and equally as effective as one another, the key difference is the texture, with each designed to suit specific skin types and conditions.

At the centre of both of these creams is the Augustinus Bader patented TFC8® complex, which is packed full of amino acids, vitamins and synthesised molecules naturally found in the skin to renew, regenerate, repair and improve the tone and texture. This unique formulation stimulates the skin’s own stem cells to produce collagen and elastin, essential in the healing and regenerative functions of the skin. The duo are also infused with a host of additional actives to give a healthy fortified complexion, leaving the skin plump, hydrated and deeply nourished. 

As the name suggests The Rich Cream is formulated in a richer more occlusive consistency and is better suited for those with dry, devitalised, mature or sensitive skins. Ideal for evening use as a luxurious night cream and protection in dry climates.

The Cream on the hand is equally as hydrating but is a lightweight more breathable formulation, perfect for those with a balanced to oily complexion and younger skin types. Ideal for a daytime routine and especially great in humid climates.