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Vogue Australia · How to keep your skin bright and beautiful during party season

I.e. It’s all fun and games until you haven’t washed your make-up off at night. Ah, parties—they’re well and truly back, and thank goodness for that. ’Tis the season to be donning all things bedazzled, novelty and all kinds of fun. It also must be said that while a lit-up-like-a-Christmas-tree/glazed donut complexion is always a […]


We were delighted to have the opportunity to interview Melanie Grant, known as one of the most trusted facialists in the world. The reason why she is respected is not because her guests are Victoria Beckham, Cate Blanchett, Phoebe Tonkin and Lara Worthington, nor is it because she is the official chief skin expert appointed […]

Notes on DIY Facial

Facials don’t need to be exclusive to in-clinic studios we can also yield incredible results from at home. Giving yourself a DIY facial is a great way to destress, boost your complexion and maintain skin health. Whether you’re committing to a once-weekly ritual or saving it for a special occasion, the DIY facial can instantly […]

The Sydney Morning Herald· An expert guide to perfecting DIY facials

I want to perfect my DIY facial, so I ask skin aficionado Melanie Grant to share her go-to home routine. The lowdown First, double cleanse with a balm to break down make-up and grime and follow it with an AHA cleanser to deep-clean pores. Next, exfoliate with a scrub, enzyme mask or gentle peeling solution […]

Notes On…Friday Night DIY

It’s no secret that I love a DIY facial at home – and some of my favourite masks, scrubs and treatments can be made using pantry stables and fresh produce found in your very own kitchen. Using raw ingredients is not only a sustainable and economical way to give your complexion a boost, it makes […]

Olivia Palermo· 3 DIY Mask and Scrub Recipes from Celeb Facialist Melanie Grant

With avocado, honey, coffee grounds, and more, learn how to make homemade face and body remedies for an A-List glow. Earlier this month, Melanie Grant shared her top tips on how to maintain the skin’s radiance during the quarantine, but she’s also a fan of homemade beauty batches. “I’ve been making DIY facial masks since I was little,” shares Grant, who […]

Olivia Palermo · Glow Up at Home? Two A-List Skincare Experts Break it Down

Morning Musts: Waking up on the right note is essential, and for Grant it starts with a gentle cleanse. “This removes any residual product from my evening regime [and] sweeps away surface debris and energizes the complexion,” says Grant. “If I have time, I use a gua sha stone to boost blood flow for one […]

Town and Country · How To Master the Steps of the At-Home Facial

Miss the transformative magic of a pro facial? So do we. But self-isolation doesn’t mean that you can’t recreate the exfoliating, massaging, glow-galvanizing benefits of a salon skin session at home. Here, celebrity aesthetician and official Chanel skincare expert Melanie Grant shares her step-by-step strategy for an effective, restorative at-home facial—whether you have 10 minutes […]