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GRAZIA · Nicole Trunfio’s At Home Facial

The past 12 months have seen a number of unexpected terms enter our collective lexicon when it comes to our skin. ‘Maskne’, ‘iso skin’ and ‘Zoom face’ are just a few of the common pandemic-induced skin woes we encountered in 2020, but those who endured mandatory hotel quarantine – such as Nicole Trunfio – experienced an entirely […]

VOGUE · Electric Feels

It may sound like the stuff of sci-fi, but right now the 42 muscles that make up your face are pulsing with electricity. That’s right, the miniscule cells – of which there are millions – that lie beneath the surface are surrounded by a bioelectric field, which can be powered up like a battery using […]

ELLE · These Are The Best Skincare Clinics In Sydney

Finding a good skincare clinic in Sydney isn’t exactly difficult – but finding one that caters to what you’re looking for can be, especially if you’re from out of town or simply aren’t clued up on what different clinics specialise in. A favourite with celebrities and influential Australians, Melanie Grant uses of state-of-the-art dermal technology […]

VOGUE · Why you should be using Vitamin C in your skincare routine

If you’re even half as dedicated to spying on other people’s skincare routines as we are, then you’ve probably heard many a celeb and beauty insider touting the benefits of vitamin C. Hailed as a multi-purpose miracle ingredient that brightens, protects and keeps our skin hydrated, it’s no wonder we spot it everywhere when perusing the aisles of […]

Sunday Life · The Laser Facial Treatment Designed To Tackle Pigmentation

Heading into winter is the perfect time for me to kickstart my complexion with the new PicoWay laser facial treatment. The lowdown The Pico technology was originally developed for tattoo removal but has since been customised to treat skin concerns. My therapist, Brooke, begins with the signature cleanse-and-firm facial massage to create a clean surface. […]

VOGUE · The Vogue Team’s Guide To The Best Facials

There is an “F” word in the beauty world that causes quite a stir.No, not freckles or fake lashes but the holy grail of beauty treatments: the facial. Everyone who has ever had one has an opinion about where to go, what to do and who to consult when it comes to their skin. But where to […]