VOGUE Paris · 3 Golden Rules For Taking Care Of The Skin Around Your Eyes

Through her Instagram posts, Mélanie Grant, Australian facialist to the stars, notably Victoria Beckham, reveals her expert tips to take care of our skin, led by a philosophy: “prevention is always best.” After having revealed a few months ago all the steps to take for a perfect at-home facial, she recently unveiled her tips to […]

Financial Times · The World’s Best Beauty – And Grooming – Destinations

The expert guide to staying gorgeous, from your head to your toes. Melanie Grant, Sydney With salons in Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne and – occasionally – Paris, the facialist Melanie Grant is almost as jet-set as her clients (Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Joan Smalls and Cassandra Grey, to name a few). Skin is prepped with […]

Fashion Journal · Road Test

For those out of the loop, when it comes to skincare Melanie Grant is the undisputed GOAT, so I knew I had to find out more about her services if I was to ever achieve the complexion of my dreams. The Sydneysider is Chanel’s official Skin Expert and her client list features countless A-listers including Victoria Beckham […]

RUSSH · Balancing Act

CHANEL doesn’t want you to be squeaky clean, it wants you to find balance. Cleansing is different for the individual. A sacred, personal experience that people, save for the experts, can seldom advise on given the nature of our respective skin types. Like finding a forever bag, one can go through tens before landing on […]

In Fiore · Olfactory Nostalgia With Melanie Grant

Meet Melanie Grant, Australia-based facialist and skin expert with studios in Melbourne, Los Angeles, and Paris. Clients flock to Melanie for her bespoke approach to skin, delivering a fresh, healthy, natural glow. Name: Melanie Grant What & Where: Sydney-based facialist and skin expert with studios in Melbourne, Los Angeles, and Paris. Ingredient: Jasmine. Olfactory Nostalgia: […]

Grazia · How a Celebrity Esthetician Gives Herself An At-Home Facial

Hi, beauty editor here! As eye-roll-worthy as this is to admit, my job has blessed me with the opportunity to have tried countless beauty treatments through the years in pursuit of skin so good, it draws the attention of strangers. Despite having experienced some pretty amazing professional services, to me, nothing compares to the immediate […]

Spa and Clinic · Cosmopolitan Care

Melanie Grant has introduced an exclusive Augustinus Bader treatment at her skin studios in LA, Melbourne and Sydney. There are only a handful of skin experts around the world who need no introduction, and Melanie Grant is one of them. Known for her celebrity clientele and gorgeous skin studios in Sydney’s Double Bay, Melbourne, Paris, […]

Grazia · 14 Pieces Of Invaluable Skincare Advice Courtesy Of Melanie Grant

Melanie Grant is arguably one of the world’s greatest authorities when it comes to skincare, so when she talks, you’d be wise to listen. And listen we did when just recently took to her Instagram stories to answer a lot of skincare-related questions that had infiltrated her DMs. She touched on several topics – some of […]

Get The Skin · About Face: Melanie Grant

One of the most in-demand facialists in the world, Melanie Grant is the real deal. Always ahead of her time, this Aussie esthetician has been in the skincare industry since before she could remember, and let’s make one thing clear: this isn’t something she fell into. Grant’s hard work, pure talent, and charming personality all contributed […]