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Harper’s BAZAAR · Is face taping the answer to pain-free Botox?

In a quest for smoother skin, it’s hard to differentiate between a fad and effective treatment. Especially when an at-home, pain-free option is on the cards.By Bailey Petts EVERY SO OFTEN, amidst the torrential rain of new beauty trends, there are at-home treatments that not only look simple, but seem to propose metamorphic capabilities. It’s hard […]

Harper’s BAZAAR · Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about retinol, including the 15 best retinol products to buy

SOME SKINCARE products are a no-brainer addition to your routine. Cleanser? Of course. Moisturiser? Absolutely. But then there are the other steps and buzzword ingredients that take a little more consideration. Take, for instance, retinol. Retinol is possibly one of the most-talked-about skincare actives on the market, and it’s also one of the most misunderstood. The potent ingredient is lauded for […]

Harper’s BAZAAR · A Step-By-Step Guide To Melanie Grant’s Skincare Routine

WHAT SEASONAL CHANGES HAVE YOU MADE TO YOUR ROUTINE NOW THAT WE’RE HEADING INTO WINTER? Like many of us, Grant says her biggest concern in winter is dryness. “I like to incorporate a face oil and a richer night cream, switch out to oil and milk cleansers, and I love to use an enzyme exfoliating mask two […]

Harper’s BAZAAR · The Skinfluencer

Run a search on Melanie Grant and Google will tell you she’s the skin whisperer Jessica Gomes and Nicole Trunfio will fly home for. You’ll see holiday selfies of her in New York with devotee turned friend Lara Worthington. But when you meet Grant, 35-year-old celebrity facialist, you realise hype has little to do with […]