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Notes on The SPF in your Make-up is Not Enough

Sun exposure is the leading cause of premature ageing, yet one that is preventable with adequate protection. There are many makeup products on the market that include some level of SPF protection, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that the use of these negates the need for a separate sunscreen. The truth is that makeup […]

Notes on The Impacts of Sleeping in your Makeup

While it may seem innocuous and understandably tempting after a late night, sleeping in your makeup can wreak havoc on our skin. Cleansing our face daily is such a vital element of our skincare regime and an incredibly important one in attaining a clear complexion.  Frequently sleeping in your makeup has considerable consequences for long-term […]

Notes On…Makeup Removal

It’s no secret that I’m an advocate for a double cleanse in the evenings. And a vital part of this ensuring your makeup is completely removed. Sleeping in your makeup is proven to impair cells and inhibit the natural processes of repair and regeneration that our skin naturally carries out on its own overnight. This […]

Notes on the effects of sleeping in your makeup

In the long term… The effects are premature ageing due to the breakdown in collagen from environmental pollutants left on the skin. This can also result in coarse skin texture, fine lines, and general skin laxity, wrinkles where they shouldn’t be and zero glow factor. So before you go to bed always, always cleanse your […]